A film directed by Tatiana Dutra Perez

If you are in the heart of the big apple, your quest for food can be easily satisfied… But not far from there, in the South Bronx, if you wish to eat fresh food, you will struggle to find it.

Tatiana Dutra Perez, first time filmmaker, went to meet the community to hear what they have to say about it and what they are doing to change this situation. With her European and Brazilian background, she investigated why people suffer from hunger and food related diseases in the heart of the richest country on earth.

In her search of an answer, she met with Karen Washington, long-time food justice activist. Karen and some of her colleagues will tell us about the food problems in low-income areas in the US.

Karen is the best person to guide us in this matter; besides being a Bronx resident she has been helping people all over the city to grow nutritious food and build healthier neighborhoods.

Tatiana is now working in a feature documentary film to show why Karen Washington and her colleagues work so hard for food justice.

Interviews with

Karen Washington
President of the NYC Community Garden Coalition

Dr Jane Bedell
Asst Commissionner
Bronx District at the NYC Health Department

Nadia Johnson
Just Food Coordinator

C - Shirley

Shirley Edwards
Community Member